It is possible that this is a portrait of one of the most trustworthy humans on Dronningens gate, if not in the whole of Norway. Per is a locksmith. Together with his brother Stein, he has tinkered with some of the most royal, politically crucial and interesting locks of Norway for over 50 years.

With so many keys granting you access to great many private places, you’ve got to be honest and steadfast.

The invention of a lock and key has ‘kept an honest man from making mistakes’ since 4000 B.C. and according to Per the business has been steady since the Mesopotamian kingdoms:

There’s demand for locks and keys in this city. The reason we need keys in our everyday lives is lack of trust in each other.

Per was born on a farm in Vestby to a life revolving around keys. He spent school holidays picking locks that his father and older brother would bring home. At 15, he followed his father’s recommendation and started working at the family business. Over the past 119 years the company has had many names and addresses around Oslo before settling at 25 Dronningens gate ten years ago.

The trendy products in Per’s industry have ranged from cast iron safes to dutch Lips-locks and all digital, completely wireless systems of the future, all potential that excites him. The blue keys in the portrait are for electric car charging stations, the little golden ones for cabinets and dressers and the keys on the hoops on Per’s arms... a well kept secret.