The answer to the Ghostbusters question ‘who you gonna call?’ could easily be ‘Lulzim!’

Lulzim is a self taught jack of all trades: part janitor, part Master fireguard and part buildings operator at The Old Norwegian Military Academy.

Since 2003, Lulzim’s days at Dronningens gate have been packed with a cavalcade of tasks with varying levels of mystery; from shoveling snow, event logistics and ushering addicts out from the courtyard to reporting building issues to the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency, and most recently, modeling for a public art project in a custom made ghillie suit.

His job site used to be a private residence before it became a mathematics school. As with many exciting things in life, stories inside certain walls are classified and this is something Lulzim especially enjoys in his day to day work. The Norwegian Military Academy’s calendar includes some usual seminars, weddings and holiday-parties, but there are also secret meetings that only the big shots are invited to... The King and Queen are also regular visitors and Lulzim has met them thrice. The King even attended the school here back in the day.

Other than the occasional Friday-cake at Pascal’s or a visit to the kiosk nearby, he doesn’t bump into too many locals, and has no hard feelings on not being able to drive home from work along Dronningens gate like he does these days. He hasn’t crossed paths with ghosts in the building so far either, though there are reports of otherworldly action in the basement.