It is a chilling -15 °C outside, but the steamed up windows of 22 Dronningens gate are a telltale sign; exceptional pasta is being born here tonight. Andrea from Bologna is hunched over a table, kneading a golden ball of dough. It is quickly obvious that this workshop is led by a master, and he is beyond passionate about his craft:

Pasta is like a child, you have to care about it and do every single stage very carefully, then you will see that doing a tortellini is not very simple but more like a piece of art.

Andrea has been perfecting the art of pasta making since he was born with first-hand knowledge from no other than Mamma herself.

Everyone wearing an apron here is not only Italian, but clearly neighbourly friends. Five years earlier, two of Andrea’s friends came to Dronningens gate armed with their grandmother’s cookbook. This volume with all its hand written notes and recipe alterations is still the cornerstone of this piece of Bologna in the heart of Oslo. One month ago, Andrea joined his friends to share the fine art of pasta making; it is his gift to Norway.

The texture of the dough has been gradually changing from an asteroid-sticken surface of the moon to a smooth baby’s bottom. Now it gets to take a little rest wrapped in a cosy plastic wrap. What does Andrea do when he is not working?

In my free time I do pasta, it is my hobby.

And the ultimate future for this dough ball?
Tagliatelle with Ragu!